Харпун Meandros B 32 95 cm

Харпун Meandros B 32 95 cm

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Харпун от най-висок клас! Отворена глава, тръба с цял v образен водач, реверсен спусков механизъм патент на фирмата. Макара окомплектована с въже 1.8мм dyneema

Our proposal for a completely set up tubular rail speargun, is the B32 which has received extensive consideration and attention that effects all the parameters that make up a particular set of both quality of construction, user-friendly operation and ballistic performance.
The B32 has resolved all the problems and weaknesses that are common with aluminum or carbon tubular barrels that have strong recoil, deformation of the barrel itself and buoyancy issues. The B32 has been developed to last and perform for a long time as all its components are of excellent design, quality and performance.
The outer diameter of the aerospace aluminum alloy barrel (32x 1.65mm) in combination with the integrated shaft guide in the shape of a V not U, reduces friction and power losses whilst providing great rigidity to the barrel even in lengths greater than 1.5 m while displacement gives the proportional mass capable to quench recoil from heavy set-ups.
The stiffness in combination with the absence of recoil attributes to maximum shot precision ballistics performance, from the tip of the spear 5x the length of the barrel. Most of the energy from the bands is absorbed and lost to recoil when the mass of the barrel and the gun is generally disproportionate to set-up.
The mass and thickness of the barrel wall (32x 1.65mm) is a stable and robust platform that launches the rod and guarantees beyond rigidity, minimum energy loss by recoil. These characteristics result in precision shooting. Similar performance and quality of shot, cannot be obtained from a common barrel of 28x1mm aluminum or 30×2 mm carbon.
To maintain the rigidity / stiffness outside of the barrel, attention is given in the connection points of the handle / head with the barrel, in terms of materials and static geometry so that even at high load, deformation of the connection points is almost zero.
The handle in terms of materials, structural and design responds successfully to large loads and also has a superior anatomical design that gives a very comfortable feel to the palm, which is perceived by the user as an extension of his hand. The contoured ambidextrous grip also has the ideal shape and position which responds to any movement of the palm that it receives by the user, while minimizing the parallel distance between the palm and spear.
Avoiding inferior quality which one encounters normally, the most major and very important part of the speargun is the mechanism. The Meandros handle is not just accompanied by an economic inox inverted mechanism, but by a robust powerful and reliable mechanism with excellent ergonomics, which has the best operating system that is Patented & guaranteed. It self-centers the rod through the spacious “nest” and has excellent line of sight. Also unaffected is the sensitivity of the short stroke trigger. The optimal angle and rotation of the trigger and unparalleled sensitivity is guaranteed even under heavy loads. As with other mechanisms of the company, the ambidextrous line release tappets operated independently of the trigger and rod prevents the hard trigger phenomenon as well as the deformation and distortion of the shot profile.
The open-head is of a particularly hydrodynamic sleek shape design, which makes movement of the gun in any direction a simple task. The head also nests the double bands within the body to a different position and height of each, which contribute to agility and accurate shot whilst at the same time avoiding oscillations and friction between the bands.
The reel that accompanies a premium quality set of the Meandros speargun could not be other than the No 1 reel on the global market, the Pat patented FIRE & MANTA. For reasons of agility & ergonomics the reel is positioned close to the barrel and grip, a fact which makes the user sometimes feel as if the reel is absent from the gun. The reel is provided fully with dyneema 1.8mm cord.
The B 32 open model exploits the maximum total length of which is about +25 cm from the length of the barrel from which about 20 cm length is for arming. This simply translates to a speargun that has the same loading length as a speargun that would normally be 10-15cm longer and by longer it would also be more difficult to maneuver. The B32 is shorter more maneuverable but at the same time it is more powerful and accurate due to its cleaver construction.
The B 32 is accompanied by a spring stainless steel heat treated shaft which has a hardness of 52 rockwell + -1, so as to minimize vibration and maintain accurate shot. The bands that shoot the spear are of high performance and quality, with a great elongation factor of X 3.5, maintaining almost unaffected nervousness in a prolonged Armed state.
The B 32 is a fully integrated quality gun, carefully constructed and studied in depth that meets all the above and not only satisfies the needs of the average spearfisherman but meets the high expectations of the most demanding hunters who avoid medium or inferior tubular spearguns.
Produced in 5 sizes for the open version 85/95/105/115/130
Produced in 3 sizes for the close version 85/95/105

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